Welcome to the House of Plastics & Possibilities!

With more than 100 years combined experience in trading, distributing and processing polymers we consider ourselves as skilled veterans. But we are also aware of the constant changes and therefore constantly seek the possibilities in an ever changing Polymer market with new materials, projects and applications.

When Nordic Polymers was established in 1995 the core purpose was to be a significant player and add value to distributing and trading plastics with a strong focus on personal relationships.

Many things have happened since then but one thing remains the same: It’s about people and relationships. We are strong believers in making a difference, adding value to our clients and increase their profitability.

But our goal is also to change our clients way of looking at their production, convince them to think differently – both production wise and strategically – and part of our mission is accomplished if we can change just one thing that will benefit our clients bottom line.


Peter Arentz
CEO, Owner, Sales

Phone: +45 21 35 44 46
E-mail: pa@nordicpolymers.dk

Henrik Hansen
CEO, Owner, Sales

Phone: +45 21 35 44 42
E-mail: hh@nordicpolymers.dk

Morten Thulin

Phone: +45 51 46 32 51
E-mail: mt@nordicpolymers.dk

Joacim Ejeson
Sales – tech support

Phone: +46 (0)768 900 903
E-mail: je@nordicpolymers.dk

Lone Kristensen

Phone: +45 23 26 06 72
E-mail: lk@nordicpolymers.dk

Kicki Barfoed

Phone: +45 21 35 44 73
E-mail: kb@nordicpolymers.dk